What app creates a transcript of a PowerPoint presentation?

Does PowerPoint have transcript?

PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 can transcribe your words as you present and display them on-screen as captions in the same language you are speaking, or as subtitles translated to another language.

How do I convert audio text to transcript?

How to Transcribe Audio to Text

  1. Upload Your Audio File. …
  2. Choose Custom Transcription Options. …
  3. Receive & Download Your Text File. …
  4. Set Up. …
  5. Find Your Shorthand. …
  6. Write What You Hear. …
  7. Edit Your Text File. …
  8. Export the Correct File.

How do I write a presentation transcript?

Your transcript should include page numbers, a title, and the date. It’s also a good idea to include an abbreviated version of the title and date in a header or footer on the page. You also need to identify the different voices on the recording. You can use the first letter of each person’s name or a nickname.

Can I get PowerPoint to read to me?

Yes, it can. Using the Speak command, also known as the Text to Speech (TTS) feature, PowerPoint can read the text in your slideshows and in your notes out loud. … This is available only with the Read Aloud command, which is available in Word and Outlook, but not yet in PowerPoint or Excel.

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Is there an easy way to transcribe audio?

For the rest of us, there’s finally a transcribing solution. It’s free, easy, and requires no fancy apps, AI, or downloads—just Google Docs. Docs, Google’s free, cloud-based response to Microsoft Word, has a dictation software tool called Voice Typing (it comes pre-installed and requires no plugins).

Is there an app that will transcribe audio?

1. Rev Voice Recorder. Rev offers a free voice recorder & audio recorder that will record & create audio files that you can transcribe directly from your phone. … The Voice Recorder app will organize your files and send directly to Rev for transcription.

Can Google transcribe audio files?

You can transcribe audio using Google Docs. It’s free, but not all that accurate. Live Transcribe on Android is somewhat more accurate, but only somewhat.