Quick Answer: How do I remove audio recording from Keynote?

How do you remove audio from Keynote?

Click to select the video or audio on the slide. In the Format sidebar, click the Movie or Audio tab. Click the disclosure arrow next to Edit Movie or Edit Audio, then drag the Trim sliders.

How do I edit a recording in Keynote?

To edit your recording, click Edit, then do any of the following:

  1. Rerecord a section: Drag the blue handles to select the section. Click. …
  2. Trim: Drag the blue handles to define the section you want to keep. Click. …
  3. Delete all or part of the recording: Drag the blue handles to define the section you want to delete. Click.

Where does Keynote save recorded slideshow?

To choose where to save the presentation, click the arrow next to the Where pop-up menu, then choose a location in the dialog. For example, it can be on the desktop. The default location Keynote chooses is the Keynote folder on your iCloud. This folder keeps your presentation across all of your iOS devices.

How do I crop a video on Mac?

Crop a clip or photo in the timeline

  1. In the iMovie app on your Mac, select a clip or photo in the timeline.
  2. To show the cropping controls, click the Cropping button.
  3. Click the Crop to Fill button. …
  4. Move and resize the frame until you’re satisfied with the result.
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Can you record your voice on Keynote?

With a document, slide, or sheet open, click Media button in the toolbar, then choose Record Audio. To start recording, click the Record button . The new recording appears in the Record Audio window. To stop recording, click Stop button .

How do I save a recorded Keynote presentation?

How To Export A Keynote Presentation As A QuickTime Video

  1. Open your Keynote presentation.
  2. Select the File drop down menu.
  3. Choose Export To.
  4. Then select QuickTime.
  5. Adjust the settings to fit your preferences.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Save your file.

How do you save a Keynote presentation?

Click anywhere in the presentation window to make it active, then choose File > Save (from the File menu at the top of your screen). Enter a name in the Save As field, then enter one or more tags (optional).

Can you make a mask in Keynote?

To mask an image with a shape, click the image to select it, choose Format > Image > Mask With Shape, then choose a shape. Drag the handles on the shape to adjust its dimensions.

How do I mask in Keynote on IPAD?

Mask (crop) a photo

  1. Double-tap the image. The mask controls appear. The default mask is the same size as your image.
  2. Use the controls to frame just the parts of the image you want to be visible.
  3. Tap Done when you’re finished. Double-tap the image at any time to readjust its mask.