Quick Answer: How can I become a impressive person?

What makes a person impressive?

Some thought that it was only materialistic things that made someone impressive. They had their focus on money, job and prestige. Another part of the people I asked had a totally different outlook on things. They talked about authenticity, compassion, courage, presence and inner strength.

What does it mean when someone says you are impressive?

Something that is impressive stands out because it is really good. Some of the most impressive college application essays are those that reflect on past events that shaped who the writer is today. When you impress someone, you show that you are special or that what you did is praiseworthy.

What does very impressive mean?

Making a strong positive impression; inspiring admiration or awe. … Having or tending to have a strong effect on the mind or emotions; eliciting wonder or admiration.

What is the meaning of quite impressive?

1 to the greatest extent; completely or absolutely.

How do you say very impressive?


  1. amazing.
  2. astonishing.
  3. awesome.
  4. breathtaking.
  5. grand.
  6. impressive.
  7. majestic.
  8. mind-blowing.

How can I use impressive?

He has impressive looks. He makes an impressive speech before a large audience. She is rich in ideas, simple in living, but very impressive in style.

What does pretty impressive mean?

DEFINITIONS1. if something is impressive, you admire it, for example because it is very good, large, or shows great skill. The list of their achievements is pretty impressive.

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What does deeply impressed mean?

to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings; influence in opinion: He impressed us as a sincere young man. to fix deeply or firmly on the mind or memory, as ideas or facts: to impress the importance of honesty on a child.

What is a good sentence for impressive?

His accomplishments are extremely impressive.” “Her singing was far from impressive tonight.” “Both paintings are equally impressive.” “Her acting is consistently impressive in her movies.”