Question: How do you share Keynote with others?

How do I send a Keynote to someone?

Send a Keynote presentation on Mac

  1. With the presentation open, choose Share > Send a Copy > [sending option].
  2. Select a format for the copy and specify settings: …
  3. If there’s a password checkbox, do one of the following:

Can you make a collaborative Keynote?

You can collaborate with others in real time by sharing a link to your Keynote presentation. … Or, you can invite specific people who must be signed in with their Apple ID to open the presentation. Editing permission: You can select whether others can make changes to the presentation or only view it.

Can two people work on a Keynote at the same time?

Keynote enables users to share and collaborate in real time, whilst tracking changes just by sharing a link. This is possible since shared presentations are saved in iCloud. … Anyone with an Android device, or an iOS device without iOS 11 or later and Keynote 4.2 or later, can view but not edit the presentation.

How do you collaborate on Keynote without iCloud?

If your presentation is stored in Box instead of iCloud, you can still collaborate using the collaboration controls in Box. See the Apple Support article on using iWork with Box.

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How do I share a link to a Keynote presentation?

You can share a presentation link as many times as you wish. in the toolbar, then choose View Share Settings. Click Send Link, then choose how you want to send it. For more options, click More at the bottom of the menu, then select the checkbox next to an extension to add it to the menu.

How do I share a Keynote presentation online?

Embed your Keynote presentation into your website

  1. Open your presentation in Keynote.
  2. Click the Collaborate button .
  3. On iPhone or iPad, tap Share Options. On Mac, go to the next step.
  4. Select these options: Tap or click the “Who can access” pop-up menu and choose “Anyone with the link.” …
  5. Tap or click Copy Link.

How do you collaborate on Mac Keynote?

Invite people to collaborate

  1. Click. …
  2. Click the “Who can access” pop-up menu, then choose an option: …
  3. Click the Permission pop-up menu, then choose an option: …
  4. If you have macOS 12 or later installed and you don’t want all participants to be able to invite others, de-select the check box next to “Anyone can add more people.”

How do I share a Keynote editor?

Edit while offline

  1. To send a copy of the presentation with your changes to someone else before your changes are uploaded, choose Share > Send a Copy (from the Share menu at the top of your screen). …
  2. If you’re not sure whether your changes have synced, you can check their status.

How do you collaborate on Keynote on iPad?

Do one of the following:

  1. If the presentation is open: Tap .
  2. If the presentation is closed: In the presentation manager or Files app, open the Keynote folder in iCloud Drive, tap Select in the top-right corner, tap the presentation (a checkmark appears), tap Share at the bottom of the screen, then tap Show People.
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Is keynote compatible with Zoom?

You can share a Keynote presentation with Zoom. You share a Keynote presentation like any other screen, but this article covers a few tips for optimizing your experience when sharing with Keynote. Learn how to share your screen.

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