Question: How do you hyperlink in PowerPoint on iPad?

How do you hyperlink on an iPad?

Add a link

  1. Tap an object, text box, or selected text you want to turn into a link, then tap Link.
  2. Tap Link To and choose a link type (Webpage, Email, Phone Number, Page, or Bookmark).
  3. Specify details for the destination:

How do I make a clickable link in PowerPoint?


  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Highlight the text or object you would like to hyperlink.
  3. Right-click the highlighted text and select “Hyperlink…”
  4. From the “Link to:” side panel, choose the destination for your hyperlink. …
  5. Click [OK].

Why can’t I add a hyperlink to PowerPoint?

You can’t assign hyperlinks to some objects in PowerPoint (e.g., video objects). Also, because some objects (e.g., stylized text, SmartArt) are saved in raster format after conversion with iSpring, hyperlinks may be lost. When you design a touchscreen app in PowerPoint, some small elements may be hard to click.

How do you turn text into a link?

Select the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink, and right-click it. On the shortcut menu, click Hyperlink. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog, paste the link in the Address box and click OK.

How do I make a link clickable in Google Docs?

To insert a hyperlink:

  1. Select the text you want to make a hyperlink.
  2. Click the Insert link button, or right-click the selected text and click Link.
  3. The Edit Link dialog box will appear. …
  4. Type the address you want to link to in the Link field. …
  5. Click Apply. …
  6. Click the link to view the URL.
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