Question: How do I open navigation in PowerPoint?

How do I open the navigation pane in PowerPoint?

Double-click the “Normal” option on the far left side of the menu. Even if you are already in Normal view, this will reopen the navigation panel on the left side of your PowerPoint slides.

Where is navigation in PowerPoint?

The Slide Navigation pane on the left side of the screen makes it easy to organize your slides. From there, you can duplicate, rearrange, and delete slides in your presentation.

How do you add a navigation button in PowerPoint?

On the Insert tab, click Shapes, and then under Action Buttons at the bottom of the menu, click the button shape that you want to add. Click a location on the slide, and then drag to draw the shape for the button.

What is navigation bar in PowerPoint?

Grouping PowerPoint action buttons into a navigation toolbar makes a PowerPoint slide show easy to navigate. … Beginning, Backward (Previous), Forward (Next), and Ending buttons make navigation a snap, but you can include any buttons you want.

How do I navigate to another slide in PowerPoint?

Go to the next slide

  1. Press N, Right arrow, Down arrow, or Spacebar.
  2. Mouse: Click once anywhere on a slide to move to the next one. Note: If you have a custom animation effect on your slide, clicking the slide starts the animation effect, rather than moving to the next slide.
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How do I make a PowerPoint presentation clickable?

To insert a hyperlink into your presentation:

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Highlight the text or object you would like to hyperlink.
  3. Right-click the highlighted text and select “Hyperlink…”
  4. From the “Link to:” side panel, choose the destination for your hyperlink. …
  5. Click [OK].