Question: How do I import a PowerPoint into Google Slides without losing formatting?

Can you transfer a PowerPoint to Google Slides?

Importing Slides from PowerPoint into Google Slides

Google Slides allows you to load specific slides from a different Google Slides presentation or from a PowerPoint presentation. To do this, open the presentation where you want to import slides into. Click File → Import slides.

How do I import slides without changing format?

Right-click one of the selected slides, and then click Copy. , which appears near the pasted slides on the Outline or Slides tab in Normal view, or in the Slides pane, and then click Keep Source Formatting.

How do I import a PowerPoint presentation and keep formatting?

Click on the slide in that presentation which you want the new slides to follow. Now in the top ribbon find the paste button and click the arrow to see the dropdown menu. Then select ‘Keep source formatting’.

How do I save a PowerPoint presentation without losing formatting?

How to Export a Google Slides Presentation to PowerPoint — From Google Slides

  1. Open your presentation in Google Slides.
  2. Click File → Download → Microsoft PowerPoint (. pptx).

How do you put a PowerPoint into Google Slides?

To create a new presentation:

  1. Open the Slides home screen at
  2. In the top left, under “Start a new presentation,” click New . This will create and open your new presentation.
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How do I import a PowerPoint into Google slides without losing formatting?

Upload PowerPoint to Google Drive without converting

To import PowerPoint files into Google Slides, go to Google Drive or Google Slides website and upload your file. The procedure is the same on both websites, and you just need to click and drag the file and drop it on the browser window to start uploading.

How do you paste and Keep source formatting?

By default, Word preserves the original formatting when you paste content into a document using CTRL+V, the Paste button, or right-click + Paste. To change the default, follow these steps. Go to File > Options > Advanced. Under Cut, copy, and paste, select the down arrow for the setting to change .

How do I import slides from one PowerPoint to another?

Open an existing presentation or create a new presentation that you want to insert slides into. On the Home tab, under Slides, click the arrow next to New Slide, and then click Insert Slides from Other Presentation. Select the presentation that you want to insert, click Select slides to insert, and then click Insert.

How do I copy formatting from one PowerPoint to another?

To copy formatting using the Format Painter:

  1. Format a shape, image or text.
  2. Insert another shape, image or text.
  3. Select the first shape, image or text and click Format Painter on the Home tab in the Ribbon in the Clipboard group.
  4. Click the second shape, image or text to copy the formatting.