Question: How do I find a hidden slide in PowerPoint?

How do I unhide a slide in PowerPoint?

To “unhide” a slide, select the slide and click the Hide Slide button again or right-click it in the Slides pane or Slide Sorter window and choose Hide Slide on the shortcut menu. Hidden slides don’t appear during the course of a presentation, but suppose that the need arises to show one.

Which view hide the hidden slide in PowerPoint?

The Slide Sorter View is convenient if you are hiding multiple slides at a time. To go to a hidden slide during your presentation, right-click anywhere on the current slide, choose the By Title option, and then pick your hidden slide. The hidden slide will have parentheses around the slide number.

How do you show hidden items in PowerPoint?

To hide or show an individual object on your slide, open the Selection Pane and select the show/hide button next to the object you want to hide, or show. To edit an object that’s under another object, hide the object on top temporarily, make the changes you want, and then show the object on top again.

How do you search for a slide in PowerPoint?

In slide design mode:

  1. Select Tools | Word/Phrase search to bring up the search dialog.
  2. Enter the word(s) or phrase to search in the presentation. …
  3. Click on Search or <Enter>.
  4. From the list of slides found, double-click the item in the list and you will be taken to that slide.
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Why are my slides hidden in PowerPoint?

The slide will now be hidden while in Presenter View. You can tell that a slide is hidden if the thumbnail is a lighter color than the other slides. If you want to unhide the slide, simply right-click the slide and click “Hide Slide” again.

How do I unhide hidden text in PowerPoint?

Select the text box whose Disappear animation you deleted, then click the Animation gallery’s “Appear” item. Click “From current slide” from the Slide Show tab again. Your text becomes invisible. Click the slide to make it visible again.

How do I see all objects in PowerPoint?

To select all of the objects and placeholders on the slide, click Select All. To select objects that are hidden, stacked, or behind text, click Select Objects, and then click and drag over the objects.

How do you show hidden text in PowerPoint?

Click the “Home” tab located on the ribbon at the top of PowerPoint 2010. Highlight the text that you wish to hide and select the “Font Color” icon from the Font section of the Ribbon. Change the color to the same color as the background of your slide. Your text will now be hidden.