Is impressed a feeling?

Is impressive a feeling?

The definition of impressive is something that leaves a feeling of awe or admiration.

What does the word impressed?

transitive verb. 1a : to affect especially forcibly or deeply : gain the admiration or interest of her honesty impressed us. b : to produce a vivid impression of. 2a : to apply with pressure so as to imprint.

What is it called when someone is impressed?

Inspire is defined as to influence, motivate or produce a feeling. … Awe is defined to cause someone to be impressed or have feelings of reverence.

What does very impressed mean?

adjective. having had an impression made on oneself; experiencing a strong, lasting, or favourable effect. I’m very impressed! I was very impressed by one young man at my lectures. I’m very impressed with the new airport.

What makes someone impressive?

Some thought that it was only materialistic things that made someone impressive. They had their focus on money, job and prestige. Another part of the people I asked had a totally different outlook on things. They talked about authenticity, compassion, courage, presence and inner strength.

How do you use impressive in a sentence?

He has impressive looks. He makes an impressive speech before a large audience. She is rich in ideas, simple in living, but very impressive in style.

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What does impressed upon mean?

to make someone fully aware of something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You must impress these facts upon everyone you meet. She impressed its importance on me. See also: impress, on.

What is an example of Impress?

He impressed everyone with his knowledge.” Used with nouns: “The defendant tried to impress the judge.” “She is always trying to impress her parents.”

What Does not impressed mean?

: not made to feel particular admiration or interest : not impressed was unimpressed by/with the choices they offered.

How do you describe someone impressed?


  • amazing.
  • astonishing.
  • awesome.
  • breathtaking.
  • grand.
  • impressive.
  • majestic.
  • mind-blowing.

What’s a word for easily impressed?

easily impressed or influenced; susceptible: an impressionable youngster.

What is the adjective for Impressed?

having the ability to impress the mind; arousing admiration, awe, respect, etc.; moving; admirable: an impressive ceremony; an impressive appearance.