How much text should be on a PowerPoint slide?

What is the 5 to 8 rule in PowerPoint?

That means allowing no more than five words per text line, having no more than five lines of text per slide, and never having more than five text-heavy slides in a row. More than anything, you want your slides to be as readable as possible.

How much text is too much on a slide?

The recommended word limit total varies widely from 6 to 40 words per slide. It may also help to present each bullet point individually. Too much text on the slide at any one time creates information overload for the audience. Students can’t simultaneously listen to you, take notes, and process the content.

What is a 30 point font?

20 minutes is the longest amount of time you should speak. 30 point font is the smallest font size you should use on your slides.

What is the 4×5 rule for PowerPoint presentations?

It is a streamlined approach to ensure you won’t be the one reading word-for-word from your PowerPoint and that your audience will not lose focus. The 5X5 Rule is simple. For every slide, no more than 5 bullet points with no more than 5 words per bullet point.

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What is the 4×5 rule for slideshow presentations?


The 4×5 rule advises you to use four bullet points of five words each. The rule of 33 says use a maximum of 33 words per slide.

What is the 6×6 rule in PowerPoint and why is it used?

You might already be familiar with the 6×6 rule. This presentation rule suggests that you should include no more than six words per line and no more than six bullet points per slide. The goal is to keep your slide from being so dense and packed with information that people don’t want to look at it.

What is the 6 by 6 rule for PowerPoint presentations?

Stick to the basics when it comes to transitions between slides. A good way to keep yourself in line is by remembering the 666 rule. Presentation University recommends slides shave no more than six words per bullet, six bullets per image and six word slides in a row.