How many pictures should be on a PowerPoint slide?

How many pictures should a Powerpoint slide have?

For album layout, you can have up to a maximum of 4 pictures in a slide, and you’ve got several frame shapes to choose from as well. When inserting a new slide, you can choose a layout option that allows you to add images with just a single click.

What is the maximum number of pictures you should put on one slide and why?

Next, insert pictures as needed on a slide. You may have to limit yourself to no more than six pictures per slide (see the How Many Pictures on a Slide?

Should every slide have a picture?

Adding pictures to the slides makes the message clearer and more persuasive. But one should avoid speaking and showing a slide with extensive text and pictures because it will make a less effective communicator. Slides should contain text or pictures with sparse text.

How many items should be on a slide?

Keep text to a minimum (6-8 lines per slide, no more than 30 words per slide).

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What are the limitations of using images in a presentation?

Technical issues can arise when you’re using photographs in a presentation. A PowerPoint projector or overhead projector can fail during the presentation. Technical failures will distract the audience and blunt the impact of your presentation.

How many photos can you put in a slideshow?

In general, each photo will have a 7 second screen time (including transition time between photos). So, that would equal about 8-9 photos per minute. If an average song lasts 3 minutes, you would need about 24-27 photos per song.

How long should photos be in a slideshow?

Tell your story with a few great pictures. People want to have time to look at the photos. That means 3-4 seconds per image minimum, which translates to only 10 to 15 images per minute! Depending on the setting and reason for your slide show, 2 – 8 minutes are what most people will sit and watch.

Why is it important to use images in presentations?

The purpose of the words and images on each slide is to help the audience put your ideas in context. If you present them with too many words, or with too many images, they’ll be examining your slides instead of listening to your verbal presentation. Resist the temptation to fill every slide with objects.

Should you include images in presentations?

Visuals are essential to creating an engaging presentation. Audiences will tune out if they see nothing but text. Generally, you should focus on adding photos to your PowerPoint that support and emphasize your key statements, rather than overshadow or distract from them.

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What should not be on a PowerPoint slide?

What To Avoid In Order To Develop Successful Powerpoint Presentations

  • Too Much Text. The number one mistake found in PowerPoint presentations is usually the amount of text used in a slide. …
  • Bad Fonts. …
  • Images And Videos With Poor Quality. …
  • Bad Contrast. …
  • Moves And Transitions. …
  • A Final Word.

What is the best way to include something on every slide in a PowerPoint presentation?


  1. Introduction.
  2. 1Choose View→Master→Slide Master.
  3. 2Choose Insert→Photo→Picture from File to open the Choose a Picture dialog box.
  4. 3Locate the graphic file you want to put on all slides, select it, and click the Insert button.