How do you use notes and handouts in PowerPoint?

How do you make PowerPoint handouts with notes?


  1. Open the File menu in PowerPoint.
  2. Select Export on the left near the bottom of the list.
  3. Select Create Handouts.
  4. Click the Create Handouts button on the right.
  5. Select ‘Notes next to slides’.
  6. Click OK.

What is note page and handouts?

Another type of handout is the Notes Pages. The notes page includes not only the slide, but also your speaker notes. When you plan to use the notes page as a handout, you’ll type the notes you intend for the handout in the notes pane, below the slide. … Another option for handouts is to print them in Microsoft Word.

What is handout explain?

A handout is something given freely or distributed free to those in need. It can refer to government welfare or a charitable gift, and it may take the form of money, food, or other necessities.

What handout means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a portion of food, clothing, or money given to or as if to a beggar. 2 : a folder or circular of information for free distribution. 3 : a prepared statement released to the news media.

How can I see my PowerPoint notes while presenting with one monitor?

To get presenter view, edit your PowerPoint, click the Slide Show tab, then check the “Use Presenter View” box. If you have one monitor, however, and run your slide show, you will just see the slide like your audience would. To get the presenter view, right-click on the slide and select presenter view.

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How do you show speaker notes while presenting in PowerPoint on Zoom?

Note: To present in Presenter view with speaker notes, click the drop down arrow next to the Present button then select Presenter view. Your presentation will open. Speaker Notes will open in a new window that is not shared.