How do you use a digital pen in PowerPoint?

Why can’t I use my pen on PowerPoint?

First, check your PowerPoint and SlideShow settings: Choose Slide Show, Set up Slide Show and make sure that the show’s not set to run in Kiosk mode. In Kiosk mode, the Pen and other tools won’t appear. … If this isn’t there, the pen and other slide show tools won’t be available.

How do I turn on start inking in PowerPoint?

To get access to the inking tool, just click on the Review tab and click the Start Inking button. A new tab will appear called Ink Tools. See the ribbon in Figure 2. The default tool is the pen, but you can quickly switch to the highlighter.

Can I write on a PowerPoint slide during presentation?

To annotate or write on slides while you are presenting them: Open your PowerPoint presentation. … Once in the slide show, Right-Click on any slide you wish to write on. Select “Pointer Options“

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