How do you scale in Google Slides?

How do you scale in Google Slides?

Change the size of your slides

  1. On your computer, open a presentation in Google Slides.
  2. Click File. Page setup.
  3. To pick a size, click the Down arrow . Standard (4:3) Widescreen (16:9) Widescreen (16:10) Custom: Below “Custom,” enter a size and pick a unit of measurement (inches, centimeters, points, or pixels).
  4. Click OK.

What is Lock aspect ratio in Google Slides?

When you insert a picture into one of the slides in your Google Slides presentation, it will be inserted at its original size. … One way to resolve this is to lock the picture’s aspect ratio. This means that the picture’s length and width will stay the same relative to one another as you resize it.

How do you scale to fit in PowerPoint?

From Powerpoint 2010:

  1. Click on [File] in the top left corner.
  2. Click on [Print]. The Window to the right will change.
  3. Click on the Drop Down arrow for [Full Page Slides].
  4. Put a check mark in the [Scale To Fit Paper] option.

How do you scale in PowerPoint?

Scaling Objects

  1. Select the object to be scaled. …
  2. From the Format menu, select the option according to the object selected. …
  3. Select the Size tab.
  4. Under Scale, in the Height and Width text boxes, type the desired percentage of scaling.
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How do you autofit text in Google Slides?

Change autofit preferences for new text placeholders & text boxes

  1. Open a presentation in Slides.
  2. Go to Tools. Preferences.
  3. Check “Use custom autofit preferences.”
  4. Select a text placeholder or text box. The text placeholder or text box you select applies to new presentations.

How do you change the size of a text box in Google Slides?

To change the size of your text, select it, click the Font size drop-down arrow and choose the size you want.

How do I resize a text box in Google Slides?

How to Change the Width or Height Scale of a Text Box in Google Slides

  1. Step 3: Click inside the text box.
  2. Step 4: Select the Format options button in the toolbar above the slide.
  3. Step 5: Click the Size & Rotation tab.
  4. Step 6: Click inside the Width Scale or Height Scale fields and enter the desired value.

How do you get the ruler on Google Slides?

If you don’t see the ruler above and to the left of your document, click View and select Show ruler. Go to the gray portion at either end of a ruler. Your cursor will become an arrow. Click and drag to change the margins.

How do you get the ruler to show on Google Slides?

Click “View” then “Show Ruler” to make the ruler visible. Repeat this step to hide the ruler.