How do you save edited Keynote?

Can you save a recorded keynote?

The recording is saved with your presentation and can be played in Keynote. To export a recorded presentation as a video or another file format, see Export to PowerPoint or another file format. To remove a recording from your Keynote presentation, choose Play > Clear Recording, then select Clear in the pop-up menu.

Why can’t I save in Keynote?

I ended up solving my issue by UN-checking “save preview with document”. This seemed to fix the problem. Ever since I unchecked that, it saved every time time. The Apple iWork team wrote back suggesting the following: “After you open the file, select the “Reduce File Size” option in the File menu and save the file.

How do I send an editable Keynote?

Send a Keynote presentation on Mac

  1. With the presentation open, choose Share > Send a Copy > [sending option].
  2. Select a format for the copy and specify settings: …
  3. If there’s a password checkbox, do one of the following:

How do I save an editable PDF as a keynote?

Complete the following steps to save a Keynote file as a PDF.

  1. Open your Keynote file which you are looking to convert.
  2. Navigate to the “File” menu and click “Export To” and then “PDF”. Select “Next”.
  3. Enter a name for the converted file and choose a location on your device where you want to save it.
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How do I save an audio File in Keynote?

When recording, you control the navigation of the slideshow, and can even record an audio narration.

  1. Open your Keynote presentation. …
  2. Click on the “Inspector” icon, and then click “Audio.” Click on the “Record” button.
  3. Click the “File” button, and then click “Record Slideshow.” The recording will start immediately.

How do I fix keynote not saving?

Start up will take longer than usual as the Mac is performing a software repair of the start up drive. After the Mac is fully powered up, restart the Mac normally: Apple Menu > Restart. reinstall Keynote from the Mac App Store Application. Restart the Mac again.

How do I save changes in Keynote?

Click anywhere in the presentation window to make it active, then choose File > Save (from the File menu at the top of your screen). Enter a name in the Save As field, then enter one or more tags (optional).

What does do not have permission to save location on Mac?

In the Finder, choose Go > Home. Select File > Get Info. In the Sharing & Permissions section, click the Action (gear) icon and choose Apply To Enclosed Items. … If the gear is grayed out, click the lock icon and enter an administrative password.)

How do I share a keynote so others can edit?

Open the document that you want to share. Tap or click the Collaborate button in the toolbar. If the document is in a shared folder, click Show Shared Folder. To set restrictions on who can view, edit, and invite others to collaborate on your document*, tap Share Options, choose options, then tap Share File.

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How do I edit a shared keynote?

Collaborate on a shared presentation

  1. Open the shared presentation. If you previously opened the presentation, look for it in the Keynote folder of iCloud Drive. …
  2. Edit the presentation. Edits you and others make to the presentation appear in real time. …
  3. Do any of the following: See who’s working in the presentation: Click.