How do you resize text in PowerPoint?

How do you scale text in PowerPoint?

Hold down the Shift key and click both the text box and the image. Doing so will show selection handles around both elements, as shown in Figure C. At this point, hold down the Shift key as you can drag any handle to resize both.

How do you change the height and width of text in PowerPoint?

To resize a shape, text box, or WordArt, under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Size group, enter the measurements that you want into the Height and Width boxes. Note: If you do not see the Drawing Tools and Format tabs, make sure that you selected a picture, shape, text box, or WordArt.

How do you resize all objects in PowerPoint?

Choose the PowerPoint Images to Resize

Multi-select images by holding Ctrl on the keyboard, and then let’s click on each of the images that you want to resize. You can use the handles on an image to resize all the images. Then click on one of the handles on the corner of an image and drag it down.

How do you change the width of text in PowerPoint?

Within the Format Shape Task Pane, locate the Width option (highlighted in red within Figure 5) and type in the width value to match the picture width (5.42 inches). You will see the resized Text Box immediately on your slide. When done resizing, close the Format Shape Task Pane.

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