How do you not show speaker notes in Google Slides?

Can the audience see my speaker notes in Google Slides?

Speaker notes are very useful when giving presentations. These help you highlight the key concepts that you want to talk about in each slide, and they‘re not visible for your audience.

How do I hide speaker notes from audience in Google Slides?

Here’s what you need to do in order to hide the notes on Google Slides –

  1. Open the presentation file.
  2. On the top horizontal lists of tabs, open the ‘View’ Tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Speaker Notes’ to uncheck the option, this will remove any notes from your slides.

Will Speaker notes show when presenting?

When you’re creating a presentation, you can add speaker notes to refer to later while delivering the slide show in front of an audience. During your presentation, the speaker notes are visible on your monitor, but aren’t visible to the audience.

How do I share a presentation without notes?

Ensure that Presentation Notes is checked (you may need to scroll down in the dialog box) and then click Inspect. If there are speaker notes in the file, a Remove All button will appear indicating that notes have been found. Click Remove All beside Presentation Notes to remove all notes.

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How do you share a PowerPoint on a team without showing notes?

Alt-Tab to your meeting and share the window (not the screen), Alt-Tab back to your presentation, right-click, and select Use Presenter View. That’s it! Below is a more in-depth review of this way and the most common other ways to share slide decks during a Teams meeting.

How do you see my notes in Google Slides without showing them to viewers?

If you click the “Present” button or press Ctrl/Cmd + F5, your presentation will start without any speaker notes. This is the most usual and the simplest.

How do I hide comments in Google Slides?

You can hide a comment by marking the “X” button at the top of the comment.