How do you edit SmartArt in PowerPoint for Mac?

How do I edit a SmartArt in PowerPoint?

Change the layout, color or style

  1. Select the SmartArt.
  2. Select the SmartArt Tools > Design tab.
  3. Hover over the Layouts to preview them, and select the one you want.
  4. Select Change Colors, hover over the options to preview them, and select the one you want.

How do I convert to SmartArt on Mac?

Convert text to a SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

  1. Select the bulleted or numbered list.
  2. On the Home tab, click Convert to SmartArt and select the type of SmartArt you want to convert your text to.

How do I add SmartArt to PowerPoint?

Click your SmartArt graphic. On the SmartArt Design tab, in the SmartArt Styles group, click the SmartArt Style that you want. To see more SmartArt Styles, click the More button.

How do I add more levels to SmartArt?

To insert a box one level above the selected box, click Add Shape Above. The new box takes the position of the selected box, and the selected box and all the boxes directly below it (each) are demoted one level. To insert a box one level below the selected box, click Add Shape Below.

How do you edit SmartArt hierarchy?

Change to a different hierarchy layout

Right-click the hierarchy that you want to change, and then click Change Layout. Click Hierarchy, and then do one of the following: To show hierarchical relationships progressing from top to bottom and grouped hierarchically, click Labeled Hierarchy.

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Which tab is used to modify a SmartArt?

You can find SmartArt tools on two tabs: the Format tab and the Design tab: The Design tab helps you change your SmartArt graphic’s layout, to change the style, or to change the colors used in your SmartArt graphic.

How do I change my height on SmartArt?

Method 2: Resize by percentage or value

  1. Right-click on the object’s border.
  2. Select More Layout Options.
  3. On the Layout window, select the Size tab.
  4. Either adjust the absolute height and width, OR the scale. My preference is Scale, as you can enter a percentage to increase or decrease the size by. …
  5. Click OK.