How do you delete something on Google Slides?

How do you delete something from a slide?

Remove a picture from under other items

  1. On the HOME tab, in the Editing group, click Select > Selection Pane.
  2. On the Selection Pane, each object on the slide appears as a separate item in the order they are layered on the slide. …
  3. On the slide, click the picture to select it, and on your keyboard, press Delete.

How do you delete an image on Google Slides?

Delete an image

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open a document or presentation in the Google Docs or Slides app.
  2. Tap an image. Delete.

How do you delete stuff in Google Slides?

To delete a file:

  1. Select the file you want to delete, then click the Remove button to move the file to the Trash folder.
  2. Select Trash in the left navigation pane.
  3. The Trash folder will appear. Click Trash near the top of the screen, then select Empty Trash. The files will be permanently deleted.

How do you delete a picture on Google classroom?

Once you add a profile photo, you can’t remove it—you can only replace it with a different photo. Your photo can be a JPG, JPEG, or PNG file of up to 5 MB. Photos are scaled automatically, so they can be any dimensions. Go to and click Sign In.

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How do I delete a text box in Google Slides without deleting the text?

A: While we have discussed a couple of different methods for removing text boxes, my preferred method is to press the Delete key. So you simply need to click on the border of a text box that you don’t want anymore, then press that Delete or Del key on your keyboard to remove the object from the slide.

How do you get rid of boxes on Google Docs?

Choose “Delete Table” from the list of options. If you are removing a table from a presentation, you must move your mouse over “Delete” before you will see the Delete Table option.

Why can’t I delete a document in Google Docs?

Right-click on the file and select “Share.” See if there are any public share settings that have a slider that you can turn off by moving the slider to the left. If there are, that should remove the document from the Docs home screen. If there aren’t, try the other option above instead.

How do I delete multiple slides from Google Slides?

To delete multiple files, after left-clicking the first file, hold down the CTRL key and left-click each one of the remaining files you want to delete. Continue to do this until all files have been selected.