How do you animate all slides in PowerPoint?

How do I apply the same animation to all objects in PowerPoint?

Group a set of items and then apply an animation

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key and click all the objects that you want to animate together. …
  2. Right-click the selected objects, and then click Group > Group. …
  3. On the Animation tab, click on the animation effect that you want to apply to the group.

How do you animate all slides in Google Slides?

Click the slide you want to add a transition to. Then click Insert > Animation. Select a transition from the scroll down. If you want to apply the transition to every slide, just click on the Apply to all slides button.

How do I Auto Animate in PowerPoint?

Automate Slide Animations

Open your PowerPoint slideshow. Click the [Animations] tab > From the “Advanced Animation” group, click “Animation Pane“. Right-click the first animation > Select “Start With Previous”. This will cause your first animation to start as soon as the slide appears on the screen.

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