How do I switch between keynote presentations?

How do I switch between slides in Keynote?

Quick navigation in Keynote on Mac

  1. Click. in the toolbar, then choose Navigator. The slide navigator appears on the left side of the current slide.
  2. Click a slide thumbnail to view the slide.
  3. Press the Down Arrow or Up Arrow key on your keyboard to move to the next or previous slide.

How do you get out of presentation mode in Keynote?

If you have an external keyboard connected to your iPhone or iPad, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish many tasks in Keynote.


Action Shortcut
Play a presentation Option-Command-P
Show or hide presenter notes Shift-Command-P
Enter or exit Edit Slide Layout view Shift-Command-E

How do I exit presentation mode in Keynote on IPAD?

Present on a separate display

  1. Connect an external display to your device using AirPlay or a video adapter. …
  2. In the slide navigator, tap to select the slide you want to begin with, then tap . …
  3. To exit the presenter display and stop playing your presentation, pinch the slide or tap .
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What is the Magic Move transition in Keynote?

A Magic Move is a transition that creates the effect of objects moving from their positions on one slide to new positions on the next slide when you play your presentation.

How does Magic Move work in Keynote?

Magic Move is a Keynote-specific feature that can be used to create slick animations that jump between slides. With Magic Move, an object can smoothly animate between two slides. When you advance between slides, that object will animate smoothly, jumping to a different size and position on the next slide.

How do you see presenter notes while presenting in Keynote?

View presenter notes while playing your presentation

You can also view presenter notes when you rehearse your presentation. , move the pointer anywhere on the presenter display to make it appear. Select the Presenter Notes checkbox then click outside the dialog to close it.

How do you show presenter notes in Keynote?

Add presenter notes to your slides

  1. Click View. in the toolbar, then choose Show Presenter Notes.
  2. Type notes in the white area below the slide. To apply text formatting to the presenter notes, use the controls in the Format sidebar. ( If you don’t see a sidebar, click. in the toolbar.)

How do I view Keynote on Mac?

From the Finder, Control-click the file, then choose Open With > Keynote. If Keynote is the only presentation app on your Mac, you can just double-click the file.

How do you exit presentation mode?

Touch the left side of the iPad to bring up the slides then select the last slide. Go back to presentation mode and swipe right like going to the next slide and it will exit presentation mode.

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What is windowed mode in Keynote?

Playing in a window allows you to access other information on your Mac during a presentation. … To start your presentation in Keynote on your Mac, choose Play > Play Slideshow, then adjust the presentation window to the desired size if your slideshow is playing in a window.