How do I put a password on a PowerPoint presentation?

How do I password protect a PowerPoint without editing?

To protect your document:

  1. Click the File tab to go to Backstage view.
  2. From the Info pane, click the Protect Presentation command.
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose the option that best suits your needs. …
  4. A dialog box will appear prompting you to save. …
  5. Another dialog box will appear. …
  6. The presentation will be marked as final.

How do I mark a PowerPoint presentation as confidential?

In PowerPoint, you can put a text background in your slides to get that watermark effect.

  1. To add a watermark to all the slides, Select View > Slide Master. …
  2. Select Insert > Text Box, and then click and drag to draw the text box on the slide master.
  3. Type the watermark text (such as “DRAFT”) in the text box.

How do you put a password on a PowerPoint presentation 2010?

Step 1 − Go to the Backstage view under the File tab. Step 2 − On the Info section, click on the Permissions dropdown. Step 3 − Select “Encrypt with Password” to enable password protection. Step 4 − Enter the password in the Encrypt Document dialog.

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How do I protect a PowerPoint presentation from editing 2020?

Go to File > Info > Protect Presentation > Restrict Permission by People. Then you can set the Read and Change permission.

How do I make my PowerPoint read-only?

Open the presentation that you want to make read-only, then click the “File” tab. Next, in the left-hand pane, select “Info.” You’ll now see a “Protect Presentation” section, which lets you (to an extent) protect against any editing of your presentation. Click “Protect Presentation.”

How do I stop PowerPoint from editing?

After you click Mark as Final to mark a file as final, a message tells you that the file is marked as final to discourage editing. In your Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file, click File >Info > Protect (Document, Presentation, or Workbook) > Mark as Final.

How do I add a watermark to just one slide in PowerPoint?

How to Add a Watermark to One Slide in PowerPoint

  1. Open the PowerPoint file containing the slide to which you want to add the watermark. …
  2. Click the “Insert” tab and hover the cursor over “Picture” on the drop-down menu. …
  3. Select the clip art or browse your files for the image you will use as your watermark.

How do I insert a watermark in PowerPoint 2007?

Watermark in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Open your presentation that you want to add a watermark to.
  2. Go to View and click Slide Master.
  3. Switch to the Insert tab and click Shapes. …
  4. Right click on the shape and select Format Shape…
  5. In the Format Picture window, choose Picture or texture fill and browse for a picture File.
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What does Confidential and Proprietary mean?

Proprietary and Confidential Information means any information of a Person that is not generally known to the public or to the Person’s competitors in the industry, is used in the business of such Person, and gives such Person an advantage over others that do not know the information.

How do I protect a PowerPoint presentation from editing 2007?


  1. Introduction.
  2. 1Click the Office button and choose Save As.
  3. 2Click the Tools button and choose General Options on the pop-up menu.
  4. 3Enter a password in the Password to Open text box.
  5. 4Enter a password in the Password to Modify text box if you want others to supply a password not to edit the presentation.
  6. 5Click OK.

Which PowerPoint File can’t be edited or modified?

The file has been marked as Final

The presentation may be marked as Final in PowerPoint 2007 or later. That protects it against further changes, so you won’t be able to edit the file. Click the Office button, then choose Prepare, Mark as Final again to make it editable again.

How do you lock a PowerPoint slide?

To lock the slides, click the File tab in PowerPoint and choose the Protect Presentation command in the Info pane. In the drop-down menu, select Mark as Final. That will set your presentation in read-only mode.

How do I lock an image in PowerPoint 2020?

How to Lock a Picture in PowerPoint

  1. Start PowerPoint. …
  2. Scroll through the slides on the left until you have located the picture you wish to lock. …
  3. Right-click on the picture. …
  4. Click “Lock aspect ratio” located in the middle of the dialog box.
  5. Click “Close.”
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