How do I open a damaged Keynote?

How do I fix a damaged Keynote file?

For missing or damaged audio files, delete the file, then add the file again. If you recorded audio directly into your document, spreadsheet, or presentation, delete the file, then re-record the audio.

How do I recover a Keynote file?

Restore a previous version: Click Restore below its thumbnail. A restored version replaces the current version. Save a copy of the version displayed on the right as a new presentation: Hold down the Option key on the keyboard, then click Restore a Copy.

How do I open an old Keynote file?

Opening old Keynote/Pages files in new versions

  1. Open the Terminal and navigate to the directory where the old file is saved. …
  2. Rename the file with a .zip extension: > mv my_presentation.keynote
  3. Unzip the file: > unzip -d my_presentation.

How do I recover a Keynote file on my IPAD?

Recover one or more items: Tap Select in the upper-right corner, tap one or more presentations, then tap Recover at the bottom of the screen. To recover only one item, you can also touch and hold the name, lift your finger, then tap Recover in the menu that appears.

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Why can’t I open a Keynote file?

If you can’t open a Keynote presentation, make sure that you have the latest version of Keynote from the Mac App Store. If a presentation is dimmed and can’t be selected, it can’t be opened by Keynote.

How do I fix Keynote on my Mac?

2. Fixing keynote macOS 10.14 Errors Caused by Syncing Errors

  1. Quit Keynote completely by pressing Command + Q on the open window of the app.
  2. Open the problematic Keynote file from iCloud on another Mac device, make a small change on it like adding a word, and then allow for the changes to be synced on iCloud.

How do I recover an unsaved Keynote document on a Mac?

Here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. Open the Keynote file that you lost an unsaved version, click “File” and select “Revert To”.
  2. Select “Browse All Versions” and then click to view the latest version of your Keynote file.
  3. Check and confirm the current version contains your Unsaved Keynote content, click “Restore”.

How do I open Keynote on an old Mac?

From the Finder, Control-click the file, then choose Open With > Keynote. If Keynote is the only presentation app on your Mac, you can just double-click the file. From the Keynote for Mac app, choose File > Open, select the file, then click Open.

How do I open an old document on a Mac?

On your Mac, open the document, then choose File > Revert To > Browse All Versions. Click tick marks along the timeline to browse versions. Display the version you want, then do one of the following: Restore your document to this version: Click Restore.

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How do I open an older version of Pages?

With the current version of your document open, choose File > Revert To > Browse All Versions (from the File menu at the top of your screen). The timeline for the document opens. The current version appears in the window on the left. Earlier versions appear in the window on the right.