How do I make PowerPoint Arabic?

How do I change the language on PowerPoint 2016?

Click File > Options > Language. In the Set the Office Language Preferences dialog box, under Choose Display and Help Languages, choose the language that you want to use, and then select Set as Default.

Why does the language keep changing in PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint, please go to File > Options > Language, under Editing Language, make sure the English Proofing language is installed for Office 2016.

How do I change the language on Microsoft Office 2016?

Open any Office program, click File > Options > Language. Under Choose Editing Languages, make sure the language you want to use is added to the list. Under Choose Display and Help languages, change the default display and help languages for all Office apps. Restart all Office programs, so your changes can take effect.

How do I change the proofing language for all slides in PowerPoint?

Select all slides by pressing CTRL+A (from the Thumbnail pane in Normal view or from the Slide Sorter view) Navigate to the Review tab on the ribbon and Click the Language button. Click the Set Proofing Language menu option. Select the language you would like to use as the proofing language.

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Why is my PowerPoint spell check in Spanish?

Why is this issue happening? Because the input (keyboard) language is set to a French keyboard and the language set on the textbox is not specified and so will use your input language.

How do I change PowerPoint from German to English?

Setting a new preferred language in PowerPoint

  1. In the toolbar, go to Files → Options.
  2. Then, in the left menu, click on Language.
  3. In the section Office display language, click on any of the options from the list and, then, click on Set as preferred.

How do I change the language on Office 365?

Change UI language Office 365

  1. Open the app you want to change the language in.
  2. Go to File>Options.
  3. Select the Language tab.
  4. Under the Office Display Language section, check if your language is listed. …
  5. Select the language you want to install.
  6. Your browser will open.