How do I find recent documents in PowerPoint?

How do I clear recent documents in PowerPoint?

Clear the list of recently used files

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Recent.
  3. Right click a file in the list and select Clear unpinned items.
  4. Click Yes to clear the list.

Where can you find recent document and how many of the recent documents that you viewed does it display?

Your Recent Documents list is found under the File menu located in the top menu of Word. Click Open in the left bar that appears. Select Recent, and to the right, you will see a list of your recent documents.

Where are word recent documents stored?

By default, that location is C:Documents and Settingsuser profileApplication DataMicrosoftOfficeRecent.

How do I find related documents in PowerPoint?

Click on the “File” tab in the PowerPoint Ribbon. On the right side of the pane that opens, PowerPoint displays the Document Information Panel, which provides data about your current file. In the Related Documents section at the bottom, click on “Edit Links to Files.”

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How do I delete files from PowerPoint?

Delete a file while in an Office program

Right-click the file, then click Delete on the shortcut menu. Tip: You can also select more than one file to be deleted at the same time. Press and hold the CTRL key as you select multiple files to delete.

How do I clear recent files in Windows?

At the top-left of your File Explorer window, click “File,” and then click “Change folder and search options.” 3. Under “Privacy” in the General tab of the pop-up window that appears, click the “Clear” button to immediately clear all your Recent Files, then click “OK.”

How do I find recent documents?

Recently Accessed Files

  1. Press “Windows-R.”
  2. Type “recent” into the run box and press “Enter” to open the list of recently visited files.
  3. View recently opened files from other users on the same computer by clicking inside the File Explorer location bar and replacing the current user’s name with a different user.

How do I find recent documents on my computer?

How to find a list of Recent Documents in Windows 10

  1. Press Windows Key + E.
  2. Under File Explorer, select Quick access.
  3. Now, you will find a section Recent files which will display all the recently viewed files/documents.

How many recent files do you have showing in the recent document list?

This list is called the Recent Documents list, and most Word installations display up to 17 documents on this list. If you regularly deal with many different Word documents, you might want to see even more files on this list.

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Where is my recent folder?

The fastest way to access the all recent files folder is pressing “Windows + R” to open the Run dialog and typing “recent”. You can then hit enter. The above step will open an Explorer window with all your recent files. You can edit the options like any other search, as well as delete the recent files you want.

How do I find recovered Word documents?

These can be found via File, Open and clicking the Recover Unsaved Documents button found at the very bottom of the Recent File List. Open Word and select File, Options. In the Options dialog box select Save from the left hand menu. Note the AutoRecover files location.

How do I recover an unsaved Word document in 2021?

Recovering Unsaved Word Documents

  1. In MS Word, click the File Tab in the upper left.
  2. Click Manage Document and select Recover Unsaved Documents from the drop-down list.
  3. Check for your missing file in the dialog box. …
  4. Open the recovered Word document and click the Save As button in the top banner.