How do I enable merge shapes in Powerpoint 2019?

How do I enable merge shapes in PowerPoint?

You can use the Merge Shapes feature to create new, custom shapes from one or more existing shapes.

  1. Select a shape. …
  2. While holding the Shift key, select another shape.
  3. Click the Format tab.
  4. Click Merge Shapes.
  5. Choose a merge option:

Why can’t I use merge shapes in PowerPoint?

(If you don’t select any shapes, then the Merge Shapes button in step 2 will be grayed out.) On the Drawing Tools Format tab, in the Insert Shapes group, select Merge Shapes, and then pick the option you want. … The order in which you select the shapes to merge may affect the options shown to you.

How do I enable merge shapes in PowerPoint 2013?

Select both shapes by holding down Ctrl and clicking. Then, beneath the Format tab, click Merge Shapes near the top left. Click Union to make the two shapes one.

Where are combined shapes PowerPoint 2010?

To enable Combine Shapes, add it to your Ribbon via the PowerPoint Options dialog: PowerPoint Options > Customize Ribbon > Commands Not in the Ribbon > Combine Shapes. (For more information on how to add items and customize your Ribbon and QAT, see this post).

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How do you merge pictures in PowerPoint?

Select the shapes to merge. To select several objects, press Shift, and then select each object. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, select Merge Shapes, and then pick the option you want: Union: Turns all the selected objects into one object.

Which is a set of formatting options that can be used to modify a shape?

You can modify many aspects of a shape includ- ing its fill color, line color, and line style, as well as add other effects like shadow and 3-D effects. Another way to alter the way a shape looks is to apply a Quick Style. A Quick Style is a set of formatting options, including line style, fill color, and effects.

How do you format a shape?

To begin, select the shapes you want to format. To select more than one, press and hold the Shift key. When you select one or more shapes, a new Drawing Tools tab appears. Here, you can select Shape Fill to fill the selected shapes with a solid color, gradient, texture, or picture.