How do I delete a slide in IOS Powerpoint?

How do I delete a slide in PowerPoint on IPAD?

Delete a slide in slide view: In the slide navigator, tap to select the slide, tap it again, then tap Delete. Delete multiple slides in slide view: Touch and hold one slide while tapping others with another finger, lift your fingers, then tap Delete. at the bottom of the screen.

How do you delete a slide off PowerPoint?

Delete slides

  1. Select your slide.
  2. You can delete one or more slides at once: Single slide – Right-click and select Delete Slide. Multiple slides – Hold Ctrl and select the slides you want then right-click and select Delete Slide.

Why can’t I delete slides in PowerPoint?

Make sure that you select the slide that you want to delete from the side menu. There will be an option to delete that slide. If not, it could be a glitch, try restarting your computer.

How do you delete pictures on PowerPoint on IPAD?

There is no delete button. The Picture Reset tab does nothing. If it’s an ordinary photo in a placeholder or a free-standing picture, tap on the picture once to select. Then tap on it a second time to bring up the iOS menu containing commands for Cut, Copy, Paste, New Comment, Duplicate, Replace and Delete.

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How do you delete slides that are no longer required?

Right click on the slide (under the slide sorter) that you want to delete and then click on Delete Slide. This way, your slide will be removed from your PowerPoint presentation and no longer exist there.

How do you delete a slide in PowerPoint without right clicking?

Alternatively, you can press the “Backspace” key on your keyboard which will also delete the slide from your presentation. Furthermore, for Mac users, simply press the “Delete” key since there is no backspace key on Mac.