How do I delete a page in PowerPoint 2007?

How do I delete a blank page in PowerPoint?

In the pane on the left, Ctrl+click or right-click the slide thumbnail that you want to delete, and then click Delete Slide. Alternatively, click the slide you want to delete, and then press Delete.

Why can’t I delete PowerPoint slide?

Make sure that you select the slide that you want to delete from the side menu. There will be an option to delete that slide. If not, it could be a glitch, try restarting your computer.

Why is Slide Master greyed out?

Similarly, the Master Layout button is greyed out whenever you are on a subordinate layout slide. … Removing any of these layout components removes them completely from the master and its subordinate layouts. Moving along the Slide Master ribbon, select the Themes button.

In which tab is delete slide button present?

Click the Slide tab; Select the slide you need to delete, right click this slide, and you will view the Delete Slide item in right-click menu.

How do you delete a slide in PowerPoint without right clicking?

Step-1: Hold the “Ctrl” key and select all the slides you want to delete. To delete multiple slides on your PowerPoint presentation, first, hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and simply “Left-click” on the slides you want to delete to select them together.

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Which keys on the keyboard can be used to delete a slide?

Removing Slides

  • Press the delete key on the keyboard.
  • Pres the backspace key on the keyboard.
  • Right click on the slide and select Delete Slide.