How do I convert PPTX to Google Slides?

Can you open a PowerPoint in Google Slides?

Your PowerPoint presentation will open in Google Slides. You can edit it and use it just like any Google Slides presentation. You’ll notice that some fonts might have changed, however. … To do so, click File → Save as Google Slides.

Can Google Drive open PPTX files?

As long as you have Internet access and a Google account, you can easily upload and open a PowerPoint document in Google Docs.

Can you upload a PowerPoint to Google Docs?

Drag and Drop a Powerpoint File Into Google Slides

Open Google Docs. … In the Open a file screen, choose Upload. Open the folder where your Powerpoint file is stored. Drag the Powerpoint file into the Drag a file here section.

How do I save a PowerPoint to Google Docs?

How to convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides

  1. Open Google Drive. …
  2. Select “New” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Upload File.” …
  4. Select the desired PowerPoint presentation.
  5. After uploading, right click and select “Open with,” then select “Google Slides.” …
  6. Select “File.”
  7. Select “Save as Google Slides.”

How do I edit a PowerPoint in Google Slides?

Here’s the process:

  1. Open a Blank Google Slides Presentation. Click the New > Google Slides: …
  2. Select Upload from Your Computer. We could open File Explorer and drag the file to be converted into Google Slides from here if we wished. …
  3. Edit Files in Google Slides. You can now edit your PowerPoint presentation in Google Slides.
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How can I open a PowerPoint file without PowerPoint?

You can open a PPT file without PowerPoint. To do that, you can use applications such as Keynote (for Mac) or Google Slides to open your PPT file. You can also download free tools such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or WPS Office to open the PPT file without PowerPoint.

How do you open a PowerPoint in Google Slides on a Macbook?

How to Open a PowerPoint with Google Slides on an Android Device

  1. Open Gmail on your smartphone.
  2. Find and open the e-mail with the attached PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Tap the attachment.
  4. From the Open with menu, tap Slides.

How do I open a PPTX file?

pptx file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML (PPTX) file created by Microsoft PowerPoint. You can also open this type of file with other presentation apps, like OpenOffice Impress, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote.

Can a PowerPoint be saved in Google Drive?

Drag the PowerPoint file into the Google Drive folder. The file is still a PowerPoint or PPTX file at this point. Double-click the file in the Google Drive folder to open it. … In the menu, click File and then select Save As Google Slides to save the presentation in the Google Slides format.