Frequent question: How do you use Thinkcell in PowerPoint?

How do I enable Thinkcell in PowerPoint?

To enable think-cell again in PowerPoint [Excel], go to the PowerPoint [Excel] Toolbar → Tools → PowerPoint Add-Ins... [Excel Add-Ins…] → tick think-cell → OK. Quit PowerPoint and Excel: Right-click the PowerPoint and Excel icons in the dock and select Quit.

What is Thinkcell in PowerPoint?

think-cell is a Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel add-in with dozens of features that together enable users to quickly create complex data-driven charts, maintain a presentation’s structure with auto-updating agendas, and consistently round numbers in Excel sheets.

How do I enable Thinkcell?

To enable think-cell:

  1. Switch to the correct view. Switch to Normal or Outline views, either using the button in PowerPoint’s status bar or by double-clicking the slide you want to edit in the Slide Sorter view. …
  2. Ensure that you can edit the PowerPoint slide in Normal view.

How do I reset Thinkcell?

You can enable think-cell again as explained in KB0005.

  1. Mac: To enable think-cell again in Excel, go to the Excel Toolbar → Tools → Excel Add-Ins… → tick think-cell → OK.
  2. Check if you are using the Microsoft Store version of Office. …
  3. Verify your PowerPoint version: …
  4. Please send us the think-cell log files.
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What are PowerPoint add-ins?

Add-ins are supplemental programs that add custom commands or custom features to Office programs. You can obtain add-ins for PowerPoint at Popular Office downloads or on third-party vendor websites.

What is Thinkcell used for?

think-cell helps you create stunning charts in minutes, boosts your slide layout and automates your regular reports. And all this with a single PowerPoint add-in. Here are its most awe-inspiring features.

What is Thinkcell application?

The company’s main product – think-cell – aims to facilitate the creation of charts, e.g., bar charts, waterfall charts, Marimekko charts and Gantt charts, on Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides from Microsoft Excel data sheets. …

What is better than Thinkcell?

The best alternative is Vizzlo, which is free. Other great apps like think-cell chart are AnyChart (Paid), Mekko Graphics (Paid), Aploris (Paid) and PlusX Excel Add-In (Free).

Where are waterfall charts used?

Waterfall Charts are used to visually illustrate how a starting value of something (say, a beginning monthly balance in a checking account) becomes a final value (such as the balance in the account at the end of the month) through a series of intermediate additions (deposits, transfers in) and subtractions (checks …

How do I check my think-cell license?

Open think-cell’s user profile folder ( %APPDATA%think-cell ) as described in point 2. Check if you have sufficient permissions… You should see the settings. xml file in this folder.

How do I remove Thinkcell from my Mac?

Instructions to uninstall on a Mac:

Start Finder → Applications → think-cell → Uninstall think-cell. Then quit and restart PowerPoint and Excel. and delete the files in this folder.

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