Does PowerPoint work on a SMART Board?

Can you open a PowerPoint in Smart Notebook?

You can take any PowerPoint presentation on your computer and convert it to an interactive SMART Notebook file. It may be easier for students to manipulate objects on the screen in SMART Notebook than in PowerPoint. STEP #1 = Open SMART Notebook software.

How do I open a Smart Notebook file?

Requires Adobe Flash Player. Download the free SMART Notebook Interactive Reader to your computer. Use the following link, scroll down the page to the SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer link, and then download either the 2.0 for Windows or 2.0 for Mac.

Can you import a document into Microsoft whiteboard?

The Microsoft Whiteboard app can now import pages from Word documents or selected slides from a PowerPoint deck. … Select the document, presentation or PDF, it’ll open so you can select which pages/slides to insert. Click on the pages/slides you want inserted or click Insert All Slides.

Can you upload a document into Microsoft whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard can now show PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents added from the Windows 10 app. Microsoft Whiteboard on the web now supports more documents uploaded through the Windows 10 app.

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