Does impressed mean affected?

What is the word meaning of affected?

adjective. acted upon; influenced. influenced in a harmful way; impaired, harmed, or attacked, as by climate or disease. (of the mind or feelings) impressed; moved; touched: She was deeply affected by their generosity.

What do you mean by Impressed?

1a : to affect especially forcibly or deeply : gain the admiration or interest of her honesty impressed us. b : to produce a vivid impression of. 2a : to apply with pressure so as to imprint. b : to produce (something, such as a mark) by pressure.

What’s a word for being impressed?

What is another word for impressed?

enthralled captivated
awestricken awestruck
dazzled overwhelmed
rapt snowed
stunned affected

Had affected meaning?

to have an influence on someone or something, or to cause a change in someone or something: Both buildings were badly affected by the fire. The divorce affected every aspect of her life.

What impressed you from me meaning?

1 verb If something impresses you, you feel great admiration for it.

Was so impressed meaning?

having had an impression made on oneself; experiencing a strong, lasting, or favourable effect. I’m very impressed! I was very impressed by one young man at my lectures.

What impressed me most meaning?

verb. If something impresses you, you feel great admiration for it. What impressed him most was their speed. [ VERB noun]

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How do you say I am impressed in different ways?

In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for impressed, like: dazzled, inspired, moved, aroused, electrified, wowed, snowed, struck, effected, impressed with and emphasized.

How do you describe someone impressed?


  • amazing.
  • astonishing.
  • awesome.
  • breathtaking.
  • grand.
  • impressive.
  • majestic.
  • mind-blowing.