Can you use EndNote in PowerPoint?

How do I insert an EndNote reference in PowerPoint?

You can now add references from your EndNote library to your PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Have your EndNote library open.
  2. Open your PowerPoint presentation and open the EndNote 20 tab.
  3. Go to EndNote and select the required style.
  4. Click on a text box within a PowerPoint slide where you wish to add a citation.

Can you do referencing in PowerPoint?

To cite your sources within a PowerPoint presentation, you can include your references or in-text citations on each slide. You can (a) provide the references verbally, (b) provide a reference list slide at the end of your presentation with corresponding in-text citations, or (c) combine these.

How do I insert a reference list in PowerPoint?

Creating a Bibliography Slide

  1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and scroll down to the last page on your presentation. …
  2. Select the “Title and Content” slide from the available Office Theme options. …
  3. Click the “Title” text box and type “Bibliography.”
  4. Click the “Content” text box.

How do you link references in PowerPoint?

Insert a hyperlink

  1. On the slide, tap where you want to add the link.
  2. On the Insert tab of the ribbon, select Link.
  3. Select Insert Link. …
  4. In the Text to display box, enter the text that will be the hyperlink.
  5. Select Insert.
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Can you use EndNote in PowerPoint Mac?

EndNote and PowerPoint on MacIntosh computers

Currently, EndNote works with PowerPoint on Windows but does not work with PowerPoint on a Mac . EndNote on a Mac will work with Apple Pages and Microsoft Word only.

How do you insert references in PowerPoint for Mac?

Add Reference Numbers

  1. Open a PowerPoint presentation and navigate to the slide that has content you want to reference. …
  2. Click anywhere on the slide, hold down your left mouse button and drag the mouse to create a text box.
  3. Click inside the text box and type “1” (without the quotations).

How do you reference in a presentation?

The full reference should generally include

  1. Author or tutor.
  2. Year of publication (in round brackets)
  3. Title of the presentation (in single quotation marks)
  4. [PowerPoint presentation] in square brackets.
  5. Module code: module title (in italics)
  6. Available at: URL of the VLE.
  7. (Accessed: date)

How do you Harvard reference a PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentation

  1. Author or tutor.
  2. Year of publication (in round brackets).
  3. Title of presentation (in single quotation marks).
  4. [PowerPoint presentation]
  5. Module code: module title (in italics).
  6. Available at: URL of VLE.
  7. (Accessed: date).