Can you play a YouTube video on Google Slides?

How do you get a video to play on Google Slides?

When you’re presenting a slide with an embedded video, advance the slide by pressing a key, clicking a mouse, or using a remote clicker, and the video will start playing. You can adjust the sequence the video plays in the animations sidebar, so you can coordinate playback with other animations on the slide.

Why does it say video Cannot be loaded on Google Slides?

You could be facing this error because of one of the extensions you’ve just installed. To check if an extension is the main cause for this error, enable incognito mode and try playing your videos on Google Drive. This mode allows you to browse privately, and it’ll disable all extensions.

How do I embed a YouTube video?

Embed a video or playlist

  1. On a computer, go to the YouTube video or playlist you want to embed.
  2. Click SHARE .
  3. From the list of Share options, click Embed.
  4. From the box that appears, copy the HTML code.
  5. Paste the code into your website HTML.

Can I add a YouTube video to Google Drive?

On the YouTube video copy the link on the search bar. Open a new tab and paste the link. … Select your video to begin the download process. Open your Google Drive and select “Upload Files”

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How do I insert an MP4 video into Google Slides?

To insert an mp4 file into Google Slide, simply upload it into your Google Drive account, then go to the Google Drive tab on the Insert Video window. Select the video you want to insert and it will appear on your slide.