Can you export ActivInspire to PowerPoint?

How do I export from ActivInspire?

How to Export ActivInspire Flipchart to PDF

  1. Open ActivInspire Flip Chart.
  2. Click on File>Export All Files to > PDF.
  3. Upload your file to your Google Drive.

Can you save a flipchart as a PDF?

Go to Main Menu – Flipchart – Print Page 2 3. The following screen will appear: Choose Create PDF File and select Print. … Choose where you want the PDF copy of your work to be saved and click Save. It will then appear as a PDF.

How do I export flipchart?

Active-Inspire to PowerPoint Conversion

  1. Open Flipchart file.
  2. Choose File > Export > All Pages to > JPEG.
  3. Choose a folder to save images to and make note of it.
  4. Open PowerPoint and choose a Blank Presentation.
  5. On the Insert Tab, press the Photo Album button, then choose New Photo Album.

How do I save an ActivInspire flipchart as a PowerPoint?

ActivInspire has the function to export flipcharts to PDF, BMP & JPEG. If you wanted to export to PowerPoint, I would recommend exporting to PDF and then importing to PowerPoint.

Can you import ActivInspire to PowerPoint?

ActivInspire allows you turn a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, ExamView XML files, IMS QTI XML files, SMART Notebook files, and SMART Gallery items into a flipchart to be used with ActivInspire tools. … Once you import your PowerPoint presentation you must save it as a flipchart.

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Does ActivInspire work on ChromeBook?

ActivInspire is not in development for the ChromeBook OS however what you can do, is use ClassFlow. With setting up a ClassFlow account, you can import your ActivInspire flipcharts to your account.

What program opens flipchart files?

Facing the Flipchart

To work with flipchart files, you need ActivInspire software, which is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. Using ActivInspire requires at least Windows XP SP3, Mac Snow Leopard or Linux Ubuntu 12.04 or a newer operating system.

What can open a .flipchart file?

Programs that open FLIPCHART files

  • Promethean ActivInspire.
  • Promethean ActivInspire.
  • Linux. Promethean ActivInspire.

How do you share teams on ActivInspire?

Firstly, download and install Microsoft Teams on the computer that you use for ActivInspire. Log in or create a Microsoft account. Create and schedule your lesson in the Teams calendar by clicking ‘Calendar’ then ‘New Meeting’. Fill out the relevant fields and add the students’ email addresses to the invitation list.

Can you use ActivInspire on teams?

Teachers can record ActivInspire lessons and share via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Box, or any cloud sharing platforms. … Students can connect to a flipchart lesson via a browser (device agnostic) for quick and easy polling.