Can you duplicate a text box in PowerPoint?

How do you duplicate something in PowerPoint?

Select the slide that you want to copy at the left in the slides overview pane, and press CTRL + D to duplicate it at once.

Can we copy the text box between slides?

Copying and Pasting a Text Box

Select the text box you want to copy and click Edit → Copy. As an alternative, you can press Control + C (or Command + C in Mac).

Why can’t I copy and paste textbox in PowerPoint?

One reason copy paste might not be working could be due to the installed add-ins. You’ll have to remove all of them then try again. Fire up PowerPoint in regular mode, and navigate to File > Options > Add-Ins. Below of the dialog box, be sure to change the Manage drop-down option to COM add-ins and select Go.

What is the shortcut for duplicate?

CTRL+D to Duplicate.

How do I copy and paste a text box in Google Slides?

To copy and paste text:

  1. Select the text you want to copy, then open the Edit menu and select Copy. …
  2. Place the insertion point where you want the text to appear.
  3. Open the Edit menu and select Paste.
  4. The copied text will appear.
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Why can’t I edit a text box in PowerPoint?

Select the problem slide, then choose View>Slide Master. The layout for the slide will appear. Cut all items that should be editable, close the master view and paste them on the slide. If that doesn’t fix the issue, the text boxes may be locked in the XML, which is a little more involved to repair.

How do I copy and paste multiple text boxes in PowerPoint?

You could try to copy all sentences (ctrl + c) into a single textbox in PowerPoint, then cut and paste (ctrl + v) each sentence onto the same slide, which will automatically create a new text box containing your selected sentence.