Best answer: How do you mix colors in Google Slides?

How do you add a multicolor gradient in Google Slides?

All you do is, select Background, click Colour and then select the Gradient tab on the right. When you’re happy with your colour hit Done! You can even add gradient colours to your shapes! Enjoy!

Where is the fill tool in Google Slides?

Go to View in the toolbar → Master. Go to the chosen slide. Click on the desired vector. Click on Fill color in the toolbar, and choose a Theme color.

How do you make an eyedropper on Google Slides?

Once you have the extension an eyedropper will be added to your Chrome toolbar. Simply click on it to activate it. Hover with your mouse pointer the picture, shape or text that has the color that you want to match, then click on it.

Can you color match in Google Docs?

Try the eyedropper Chrome extension to grab the exact color code and use it in your Google projects in Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, and more! Match the exact color of anything on the web!

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