Best answer: How do I convert a table to PowerPoint?

How do I convert an Excel table to PowerPoint?

The following are the steps that you can follow and use to convert PowerPoint documents into excel with images.

  1. Open the Excel File. Open the Excel file that you are working on, and click on the “Insert”> “Object” option.
  2. Select the PowerPoint File. …
  3. Insert the PowerPoint File. …
  4. View the PowerPoint File.

How do I automatically update data from Excel to PowerPoint?

1) Create a chart in Excel and copy it. 2) Use Paste Special option and paste the copied chart into PowerPoint with data link. 3) Click on File > Info > select Automatic for Update option > Close. 4) Now save the PowerPoint and Excel files and close them.

How do I open an Excel file in PowerPoint?

Follow the simple steps:

  1. Select the icon of the embedded file.
  2. Go to Insert Tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Select Action (next to Hyperlink)
  4. You can see two tabs: Mouse Click & Mouse Over which is self-explanatory.
  5. Select Object action: Open.
  6. Feel free to check “Play sound” and/or Highlight click if you want.
  7. OK.
  8. Go to slideshow.

How do you insert a table into a PowerPoint table?

Add a table

  1. Select Insert > Table > Insert Table.
  2. In the Insert Table dialog box, select how many columns and rows you want.
  3. Select OK.
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How do I link Excel to dynamic data updates in PowerPoint?

Link PPT charts with Excel – How to keep your data up to date!

  1. Open Excel file.
  2. Select table and insert chart via Insert.
  3. Copy chart to clipboard.
  4. Open PowerPoint file.
  5. Click Paste via the Home ribbon.
  6. Select the option Match Destination Formatting.
  7. Select chart.
  8. In Draft execute the function Update data.