Your question: How do you fix a sketch on Onshape?

How do you lock a sketch on Onshape?

You will find the constraints in Onshape on the far right of the sketch toolbar: To add a constraint, simply select the entities you want to constrain and the constraint type.

What does fix do in Onshape?

To expedite the process of constraining your assembly inside Onshape, use the Group tool to fix the position of selected instances relative to one another. This saves you the time of having to go through and create fastened mates between each part when they are already in the correct position.

How do you edit a sketch Onshape?

In the feature list on the left of the screen you will see your sketch listed, probably as “Sketch 1”. Right clicking on this will open a menu the second item of which is “Edit…”. Selecting this will open the sketch for further editing.

How do you Unfix a sketch in Onshape?

look for the ones with the ‘fix’ symbol: You can then right click on these and press “Delete sketch entity” in the context menu, or as a shortcut you can left click the constrain and then press ‘Delete’ or ‘Backspace’ on your keyboard (Mac or Windows respectively). Hope this helps!

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How do I fix Onshape to Origin?


  1. Start a transform feature.
  2. In the transform feature, select the part or parts you want to move to the origin. In my case, I only have 1 part.
  3. Make sure the type is “Translate by line” and in the selection box for “Line or points” first select the point you want docked to the origin.
  4. Next, select the origin.

How do you know when a sketch has been fully constrained?

A sketch is fully constrained when the size and position of all sketch geometry is completely defined. This is achieved using a combination of constraints and dimensions. You don’t always need to fully constrain sketches, but it is often good practice to do so.

How do you fix a over defined sketch in Solidworks?

To manually repair over defined sketches:

  1. In the PropertyManager, under Message, click Manual Repair. All relations and dimensions in the sketch appear under Conflicting Relations/Dimensions.
  2. Select each relation or dimension to highlight it in the graphics area. For example: …
  3. Click Delete. Valid solution found. …
  4. Click .

How do you anchor a part on Inshape?

Hi Chase, if you right-click on a part (either from the modeling space or from the instance list) you can choose to “Fix” that part. This will make it so that part can’t move in space.

How do you change a airplane sketch?

Right-click the sketch in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Edit Sketch Plane . Select a new plane in the FeatureManager design tree or select a new planar face in the model for Sketch Plane/Face . Click OK .

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How do you move a sketch plane on Onshape?


  1. In the Features list, double click the sketch you want to move to another plane.
  2. In the Sketch properties box that opened, click in the Sketch Plane box.
  3. Select a different plane in the Features list.
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