Your question: How do I create a road in SketchUp?

How do I create a terrain in Sketchup 2020?

If you prefer to to start modeling terrain from a flat, rectangular TIN, you draw the shape with the Sandbox From Scratch tool:

  1. Select the Sandbox From Scratch tool ( ) on the Sandbox toolbar, or select Draw > Sandbox > From Scratch from the menu bar.
  2. Click to set the TIN’s starting point.

How do you create a terrain model?

To create the Terrain feature, from the Tasks menu select the Civil Tools > Terrain Model > Create From File button. On the Title Bar of the Select Files to Import panel, verify that the project and MX directory are correct. If not, click the Directory History button in the upper right corner of the panel.

Are Sketchup contours accurate?

Depending on the source of the contour lines, they can be more reliable than Google, but it’s an involved, multi-step process to create terrain from them. … If all you have is contour lines on paper or some non-vector digital source, you’ve got no choice but to trace them.

How do you land a slope in SketchUp?

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  1. Make Component. The first thing you want to do is make the wall into a component. …
  2. Copy. Make a copy of the wall and move it to the other side of the amphitheater.
  3. Rotate. Hit “Q” to activate the rotate tool. …
  4. Go by the Height.
  5. Draw a Line. …
  6. Move Edge. …
  7. Create a Parallel Slope.
  8. Draw a Line.
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