What is top constraint in Revit?

How do you use constraints in Revit?

Constraints can be modified at any time, even after the wall is created. Click the Reveal Constraints icon on the view control bar of the view window. In the temporary display mode all constraints are easy to identify as they stand out in red.

How do you change level constraints in Revit?

Reveal Constraints

  1. On the View Control Bar, click (Reveal Constraints). …
  2. Select a constraint to highlight the elements that are constrained. …
  3. Optional: Remove the constraint by simply deleting it, or by unlocking it. …
  4. On the View Control Bar, click to exit Reveal Constraints mode.

How do you offset walls in Revit?

About Offsets

  1. Move or copy: Click Modify tab Modify panel (Offset).
  2. Create: When sketching an element and the Draw panel is displayed, use the Options Bar to specify offset parameters. Offset: Specify the distance by which you want to offset the element. Chain: Create a chain of offset elements.

What is constraint in Revit?

Constraints build intelligence into the model, defining relationships and interdependencies between elements. Create constraints by applying locked dimensions and alignments, or attaching elements together (such as walls and roofs).

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What are the constraints for a wall?

The initial constraints of a wall are the constraints you set in the properties menu. Base constraint is where the base of the wall is constraint to, this is the level on which you placed the wall. Top constraint is where the top of the wall is constraint to.

How do I add a constraint in Revit family?

Constrain Family Geometry

  1. Use the Align tool and select the specific reference plane and the sketch line to establish the constraint.
  2. When the lock symbol displays, click it to lock the constraint.

How do I delete a constraint in Revit?

Remove Constraints

  1. Select a dimension.
  2. Do any of the following: Click a lock to unlock it. Click the EQ symbol to remove an equality constraint. The EQ symbol appears with a slash through it when the equality constraint is not applied. Delete the dimension that corresponds to the constraint.

How do you lock a level in Revit?

Administrator-Level Locks

  1. Open the Revit Server Administrator.
  2. In the tree control, select the item, and click (lock). Note: If you use the command-line utility to apply a lock, the lock icon displays after a refresh operation, and information about the model in use displays in the right pane.

Where is the offset tool in Revit?

Click Modify tab Modify panel (Offset). On the Options Bar, select how you want to specify the offset distance: If you want to… select Graphical.

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