What does the red lock mean in Fusion 360?

What does lock symbol mean on sketch Fusion 360?

The lock symbol on a sketch means it is fully constrained (this is preferable). Also – you should take care of warnings in the timeline.

Why does Fusion 360 freeze so much?

Performance issues (hanging/freezing) occur when Fusion 360 is computing complex sketches. A complex sketch is typically made up of: Imported geometry (see Fusion 360 performance is poor after inserting or importing a DXF, DWG, or SVG file). Complex Projected Geometry.

How do you unlock a sketch?

When you want to unlock the sketch plane, you can click the locked plane indicator symbol in the graphics window to unlock the plane, or you can press the F3 key.

What does fix UnFix do in Fusion 360?

Learn how to use the Fix/UnFix command to lock the size and location of a point or object in a sketch in Fusion 360. Note: The constraint commands are only available in the Sketch contextual tab as you edit a sketch. The Fix/UnFix constraint icon displays next to the cursor in the canvas.

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How do you duplicate a sketch in Fusion 360?

To copy and paste a sketch into another sketch, perform the following:

  1. Select the sketch entities to be copied (either left-click or window select).
  2. Right-click and select Copy.
  3. Click to deselect the copied entities. …
  4. Edit Sketch or Create Sketch so that sketch mode is active.
  5. Right-click and select Paste.

Why can’t I extrude a sketch Fusion 360?

To solve this problem, enable Show Profile as follows: Right-click on the affected sketch within the timeline or the browser tree. Select Edit sketch. Activate Show Profile and save the change.

Why are some lines Blue in Fusion 360?

Note: Notice that the lines on the arc are blue, where as all the other lines are black. This is because a black line means it has been fully defined whereas a blue line means it has not. 14) Go to “SKETCH” then “Arc” and select the “3-Point Arc” tool.

What does constraint mean in CAD?

In the design phase of a project, constraints provide a way to enforce requirements when experimenting with different designs or when making changes. Changes made to objects can adjust other objects automatically, and restrict changes to distance and angle values. With constraints, you can.

What is the Colour of fully constrained sketch?

The color of sketch entities indicate its constrained status: Blue means under-constrained. Black means fully constrained.

How can I make Fusion 360 run faster?

Other Tips:

  1. Windows Only: Go to the General Panel in Preferences. Lower the graphics driver to DirectX 9 if the graphics card is an older card. …
  2. Mac Only: Try reducing the size of the window for Fusion 360.
  3. General: Address any network issues that could be blocking communication within Fusion 360.
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Why does Fusion 360 run so slow?

Slow performance could be caused by one of the following: Hardware limitations. Complex designs / large assemblies. Network Connectivity issues.

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