Question: Can you assemble two assemblies in Solidworks?

How do you assemble two assembly in Solidworks?

To insert a new subassembly: Do one of the following: In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click either the top-level assembly icon or the icon for an existing subassembly, and select Insert New Subassembly. Click New Assembly (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component > New Assembly.

How do you assemble multiple parts in Solidworks?

Under Part/Assembly to Insert, do one of the following:

  1. Ctrl + select several components from the list.
  2. Click Browse. In the dialog box, Ctrl + select several components and then click Open.

How do you make an assembly subassembly?

Do one of the following:

  1. Right-click one of the selected components, and select Form New Subassembly.
  2. Click Insert > Component > Assembly from [Selected] Components. To form a subassembly from components contained in a folder in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the folder and click Form New Subassembly.

How do you align two parts in Solidworks?

To align sketches:

  1. Select a line or a point in a sketch to be aligned with another sketch.
  2. Hold Ctrl and select a line or a point in the second sketch to which the first sketch is to be aligned.
  3. Click Align Sketch (2D to 3D toolbar), or click Tools > Sketch Tools > Align > Sketch.
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How do I combine two sketches in Solidworks?

To combine two split sketch entities into one: In an open sketch, click the split point and press Delete. Search ‘Combining Split Entities’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do you save a Solidworks assembly as a single part?

Save Assembly as Part PropertyManager

  1. In an assembly, click File > Save As.
  2. Select Part (*. prt;*. sldprt) for the file type.
  3. Select Include specified components.
  4. Select Override defaults.
  5. Click Save.

How do you insert the same part multiple times in SolidWorks?

You can insert multiple instances of several components without closing the PropertyManager.

  1. Click Insert Components. …
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Part/Assembly to Insert, click Browse.
  3. In the dialog box, Ctrl + select these parts: …
  4. Click Open.

What is the difference between assembly and subassembly?

1. A sub-assembly is just an assembly that is placed inside another assembly. 2. It all depends what you want to achieve – a fully accurate design model of a USB connector probably would be an assembly (and hence used as a sub-assembly in your larger design).

How do I create a sub assembly in Solidworks?

Creating a Subassembly in SOLIDWORKS

  1. If you hold down the Shift key and select all three components then right-click, the option for Form New Subassembly becomes available.
  2. To do this, right-mouse click on the newly created assembly and select Save Assembly (in External File).
  3. Double click on the File Name to rename it.

When an assembly is placed inside another assembly what does it become?

When you insert an assembly in another assembly file, it is referred to as a subassembly.

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