How do you take projection in AutoCAD?

How do I create a projection line in Autocad?

Alternatively, you can click Home tab Section & Elevation panel Hidden Line Projection. In a 3D view select one or more objects that you want to use to create your hidden line projection, and press Enter. Specify an insertion point in your current drawing for the 2D hidden line projection.

What is projector in Autocad?

Orthogonal and isometric drawing views generated from an existing drawing view are referred to as projected views. Projected views can be derived from any existing view, as long as the existing view is not out-of-date or unresolved.

How do I show Orthographics in Autocad?

Click to the right of the Front view to position the view. Once you are satisfied with the placement, press ENTER. Then, specify the opposite corners of the viewport surrounding the view. When the program prompts you to enter the view name, type “SIDE” and press ENTER.

What are the types of projection?

6.4. 2 Types of Projection

  • 6.4. 2.1 Perspective projection. …
  • 6.4. 2.2 Orthographic projection. …
  • Fisheye projection. This is a spherical projection. …
  • 6.4. 2.4 Ultra wide angle projection. …
  • 6.4. 2.5 Omnimax projection. …
  • 6.4. 2.6 Panoramic projection. …
  • 6.4. 2.7 Cylindrical projection. …
  • 6.4. 2.8 Spherical projection.
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How many views do you need orthographic projection in AutoCAD?

These three views are ‘projected’ and aligned with each other. As you’ve seen with your Orthographic Mode setting (F8), lines are either horizontal or vertical – and in Orthographic Projection, the views are mostly horizontal or vertical in relation to each other.

What are the three most common views in a multiview drawing?

Although six different sides can be drawn, usually three views of a drawing give enough information to make a three-dimensional object. These views are known as front view, top view and end view. Other names for these views include plan, elevation and section.

What are commands in AutoCAD?


L/ LINE Create a simple line
MI/ MIRROR Produce a mirror copy of an object
MLINE Create multiple parallel lines
PL/ PLINE Make a polyline
Special Project