How do you save a flow simulation in Solidworks?

What data from the flow simulation project is stored in the Solidworks file?

It contains the project wizard setup information, boundary conditions, goals, and most of the other Flow study setup information. After 2008 all of this data is stored in the SOLIDWORKS assembly file.

How do you save a SOLIDWORKS Simulation animation?

To save animations:

  1. Click Save Animation (MotionManager toolbar).
  2. In the Save Animation to File dialog box: Type a name for File name. …
  3. Under Frame Information: …
  4. Click Schedule to set the animation save time.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Adjust values in the Video Compression dialog box and click OK.

How do I export simulation results in Solidworks?

Once you have run your SOLIDWORKS Simulation study and created all necessary plots, exporting the results is fairly easy. To do this, right-click on the Results folder of the study and select Save All Plots as JPEG Files. This will go through and save all the plots individually in their own JPEG files.

How do you save a study in Solidworks?

To save all plots in a study, in the Simulation study tree, right-click the study’s icon and select Save all plots as JPEG files or Save all plots as eDrawings. All of the plots in this study are saved. The software creates a unique JPEG file for each plot and saves all plots into a single eDrawings file.

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Where are solidworks simulations saved?

Understanding SOLIDWORKS Simulation data

Whereas the results are stored as a separate CWR file in a user-defined location. By default, these files are saved in the folder of the assembly/part file that you are analyzing.

How do you show simulation in Solidworks?

Click the Model tab. Click Simulation Display (View toolbar) or View > Display > Simulation Display . If the Simulation Display dialog box appears, click OK.

How do I export a motion study?

Exporting a Motion Study to ADAMS

  1. Right-click the top-level assembly in the MotionManager tree and click Export to ADAMS.
  2. Enter a file name and click Save. You cannot export key point manipulations of motion tools such as forces, motors, or contact, and you cannot export feature suppression.

How do I import simulation results into SolidWorks?

To load all simulation data, click Simulation > Options > System Options > General and select Load all Simulation Studies when opening the model (requires more time to open a model). You can also load simulation data for a specific study by clicking individual simulation tabs.

What is SolidWorks CWR file?

For SolidWorks Simulation Files, the results are contained in one file with the extension CWR. Other information like study properties, materials, restraints, loads, and contact conditions are saved, in the SolidWorks part or assembly document. Many files are created by the solver during an analysis.

How do I change the results folder in Solidworks?

To change the location that you are saving your SOLIDWORKS Simulation files for all future studies, go to your simulation options file by clicking Simulation > Options > Default Options > Results > Results Folder.

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