How do you rename a sub discipline in Revit?

How do I change the sub-discipline name in Revit?

Your ‘HVAC’ (5) Sub-Discipline is a Project parameter that is connected to ‘Views’. See the Manage tab, select Project parameters, select the parameter ‘Sub-Sisciplie’, click Modify and check the Category that it is attached to.

How do you change the discipline of a sheet in Revit?

Add Discipline

  1. Select the Sheets tool.
  2. Click Settings > Disciplines.
  3. Click Add discipline.
  4. Enter a designator for the discipline and press the Enter key or click the icon. …
  5. Hover your cursor over the Name column for the new discipline and click the icon.
  6. Enter a name and press the Enter key or click the icon.

What is discipline in Revit?

In Revit, each view has a discipline assigned to it, this controls what elements are visible and which are hidden. For example in an architectural view we can see walls, windows and doors but we might not be able to see structural elements such as beams and trusses or mechanical elements such as ducts.

How do I add a category in Project Browser Revit?

Click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down Browser Organization. In the Browser Organization dialog, click the Views tab to create a sort group for project views, or click the Sheets tab to create a sort group for sheets. Click New. Enter a name for the sort group, and click OK.

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How do I rename a sheet category in Revit?

In the Browser Organization dialog, click the tab for the desired list: Views, Sheets, or Schedules. Select an organization scheme. To rename the organization scheme, click Rename. Enter a new name, and click OK.

How do you change a sheet parameter in Revit?

Click the location on the sheet where parameter is to be placed. In the Select Parameter dialog box, click Add. In the Parameter Properties dialog box, click Select. In the Shared Parameters dialog box, select the parameter group created earlier, and then select the parameter that desired in this label position.

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