How do you move a point on Onshape?

How do you drag a point on shape?

To drag a point, simply click, hold and drag… release to drop point. Make sure nothing else is selected by pressing the escape key once before dragging. Ok here is what I’m doing, try and let me know if it works for you because I start to think this is a bug.

How do you move parts in Onshape part studio?

You can move part studios and assemblies etc to a new document. Right click on selection as shown in clip and select move to document or new document. The documents can then be moved to any folder you wish for organizing.

How do you move a hole in an Inshape?

You can move a hole with “move face” tool, and it allows a number to be entered for the distance.

How do you copy parts on Onshape?

However, if you are set on moving it to a new document, you can always right click the element, select `Copy to clipboard`, open your new document, hit the plus in the bottom left corner, and select `Paste tab`. Also have a read about the “Derive” feature. This pull a copy of a part from one document into another one.

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