How do you delete in Catia?

How do you delete things on Catia?

Deleting Objects

  1. To delete a Part Version , Document Revision , Capture or VPMClash , right-click it and select the Delete Object command in the contextual menu of the search result window. …
  2. To delete a Part Version which has impacts, activate Authorize object deletion with impacted objects . …
  3. Select Yes .

How do you delete elements in Catia V5?

Deleting Useless or Unreferenced Elements

  1. Select Tools > Delete Useless Elements . The Delete Useless Elements dialog box appears. …
  2. If you do not wish to delete all possible elements, right-click the element of interest and select Keep . …
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion of all elements listed with the Delete status.

How do you delete a pad in Catia?

Click on the sketch used to create the hole and use the Edit Sketch Plane tool to move the sketch to the main surface. You should then be able to delete the pad feature.

How can I change my body in Catia?

Right-click the desired open body in the specification tree and select the Change Body command from the contextual menu. The Change Body dialog box appears.

How do you delete a sketch in Catia?

CATPart document.

  1. Select the rectangle you wish to delete.
  2. Select Edit > Delete… . …
  3. Click More>> . …
  4. If you can delete the sketch, you can also replace it with another element: click … PartBody / Sketch . …
  5. Select Sketch4 , that is the hexagon, to replace Sketch 2 . …
  6. Click OK .
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How do you add two bodies on Catia?

Right click on the body you want to be the main body and choose “define in work object”… then right click on the body you want to merge and choose “body obect” (at the bottom) then choose “add” if you need further help i can add screen shots if you would like.

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