How do I select a Print area in Draftsight?

How do I choose where to print?

Set one or more print areas

  1. On the worksheet, select the cells that you want to define as the print area. Tip: To set multiple print areas, hold down the Ctrl key and click the areas you want to print. …
  2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area, and then click Set Print Area.

How do I change the page size in DraftSight?

To set custom paper sizes for printing:

  1. Type CustomPaperSize at the command prompt.
  2. Specify the name of a built-in printer (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, or DWF).
  3. In the dialog box, select Custom sizes.
  4. Click Add to create a custom paper size.
  5. In Name, edit the name of the new custom format.

How do I print a DraftSight window?

Under Printer/plotter:

  1. In Name, select an output device. …
  2. Click Properties to set up the printer or plotter in the dialog box provided by the printer’s driver. …
  3. Select Print to file for output to a file instead of to the printer.
  4. In Copies, set the number of copies to print.

How do I print multiple sheets in DraftSight?

If you have multiple drawings to print then instead of opening each Drawing and printing each sheet you can use Batch Print in DraftSight.

Print in DraftSight

  1. Print Command: Type PRINT in Command Line.
  2. Go to File > Print…
  3. Click on Print button on Standard Toolbar.
  4. RMB on Model or Sheet Tabs.
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How do I change my default printer settings?

To choose a default printer, select the Start button and then Settings . Go to Devices > Printers & scanners > select a printer > Manage. Then select Set as default. If you have Let Windows manage my default printer selected, you’ll need to deselect it before you can choose a default printer on your own.

How do I change the print settings on my Brother printer?

(Start button) => Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Devices and Printers. Right-click your Brother machine icon and select Printer properties. NOTE: If you see the Change Properties button at the bottom left of the dialog box, click the Change Properties button before changing the settings.

How do I add a printer to Draftsight?

To edit a print configuration:

  1. In the Print Configuration Manager dialog box, select a print configuration.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. In the Print Configuration dialog box: Set the printer or plotter, select a paper size, specify print scale, print range, orientation, offset, and set additional options. …
  4. Click Close.

How do I convert Draftsight to PDF?

Use the ExportPDF command to save the current view to a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. To create a PDF file from a drawing: Click File > Export > PDF Export (or type ExportPDF). In the dialog box, type the Name of the PDF file to create.

How do you create a sheet in Draftsight?

Creating and Managing Sheets

  1. Click File > Sheet > Sheet from Template (or type Sheet and specify the Template option).
  2. In the Select template from file dialog box, select a *. …
  3. In the Sheet List dialog box, select a Sheet name and click OK.
  4. The Sheet and all entities from the specified file are inserted in the drawing.
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