How do I make dimensions equal in Revit?

How do you make equal dimensions in Revit?

To change the equality display:

  1. Select the dimension.
  2. On the Properties palette, for Equality Display, select Value, Equality Text, or Equality Formula.
  3. Click Apply.

Can dimensions in Revit be edited?

Revit provides the ability to customize the look of dimensions. Display configurable alternate dimension units along with primary units. When you adjust the value of a dimension, the referenced element changes in size or moves accordingly.

How do I evenly space a window in Revit?

Dimension Windows For Equal Spacing

Click to the left of the west wall to place the dimension line. Note that each of the 4 dimensions is different. Click the equality symbol (EQ), and then press Esc twice. The windows are moved so that all of the dimensions are equal.

How do you make something equidistant in Revit?

If you’re trying to make multiple dimensions equidistant, you’ll need to manually create aligned dimensions. On the Ribbon, in the Annotate tab, in the Dimension panel, click Aligned. When you run this command, you can make a connected string of dimensions.

How do you hide dimensions in Revit?

With Revit open, go to the “View” tab… far right end of the panel is “User Interface”, click that and select “Keyboard Shortcuts” at the bottom of the menu. As for a quicker way of turning off dimensions,uncheck “Show Annotations in this view”.

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How do you change the dimension tolerance in Revit?

Right-click the dimension, and then select Edit from the menu. In the Edit Dimension dialog box, click the Precision and Tolerance tab. In the Tolerance Method list, select the tolerance type from the list. When you select the type, the associated tolerance value boxes are available to edit.

How do you divide a line equally in Revit?

To divide a line into equal segments

Draw or pick a line. On the Toolbar, click the Split icon. Split the line into the number of segments required (they do not need to be equally spaced at this point).

What does thin line tool do in Revit?

TL THIN LINES / Displays all lines on the screen as a single width, regardless of zoom level. VG or VV VISIBILITY/GRAPHICS / Controls the visibility and graphic display of model elements, datum elements, and view- specific elements for each view in a project.

How do I make dimensions the same in Autocad?

Use the DIMSPACE command to evenly space dimensions. For spacing select Auto to use the DIMDLI system variable or enter value on the command line.

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